Landyacht photos from France...

…at the recent regatta held at Fort Mahon on the hard sand beach facing the English Channel. Photo credits to Claude Travers.

…and some more by a young man who goes by the name of Mid-mil

Here’s some pix of the French “scabbard” rig concept as done by a fellow calling himself Titi28. Note the tensioned pocket luff sleave. The spar is a bendy unstayed carbon rod, which I’m sure offers much in the way of effective gust absorbsion, similar to the Footy McRig concept.

Here’s a couple videos from the recent event at Fort Mahon beach, France. The credit for both videos goes to a fellow named Zakkat.

It appears that they were sailing a “reach-reach” course which surprised me because the wind was strong enough to be running a windward-leeward course.

Hi Bill!
Do you mind giving me info on how to get hold of the sail material that was shown in landyacht photos from France… I’m using mylar single matt from USA. I guess and other materials like rip stop they use for kites? Thanks!


Hello awie,
I’m not sure what fabric is being used in those photos. It appears to be Mylar reinforced with a polyester scrim. The leading edge fabric might be spinnaker fabric. Personally, I have been using 3 or 4 mil (a mil is 1/1000 inch) Mylar which is fairly stiff, but I like the way it holds a smooth airfoil shape at speed on pavement. You might check out fabrics being used by the kite maker suppliers such as . A fairly common fabric used by model sailboaters is known as TriSpi, which is reinforced thin Mylar. Lighter grade Mylar (1.6-2.0 mil) is also commonly used.

I’d be really interested in learning more about your model. Do you have some photos?