Land Sailor manufacturers

I haven’t been able to look into land sailor for a few years. who’s making decent ones lately? I’d try to make one myself, but I think just mounting the radio would be plenty for me & my schedule. Maybe I’ll get one for myself for Xmas…


Thanks for the interest. There are several suppliers of kits, plans and “ARS” (almost ready to sail) landsailers/iceboats. Most can be found as links . Also, there’s a Yahoo forum where you could post your question & get some feedback from users:
BTW, since I see you’re from Ohio you may want to consider the “hardwater” option as well.
Bill K
ODOM #217

Didn’t Hobby-Lobby have a Landyacht?

Tower Hobby (and others) recently made this available: , but I can’t recommend buying it at this time despite the very low price. The sail rig is pretty much worthless, but can be modified in about than 2 hours for less than $10. The main problem is that the steering is a nonproportional rotating worm gear drive & it’s very hard to get it to go in a straight line. Of course, this could all be replaced with conventional rc electronics, but that’s a little more involved.

Those of us who are seriously involved in the hobby are concerned that the Vectron unit will attract buyers, but only turn them off with it’s mediocre performance. We’re working on some simple upgrades to be made available on the net, in the hopes of salvaging at least some of these people’s interest so they will “move up” to a better designed unit.