Land/Ice Yacht Concept for Antarctica.

Hello there everyone

I am a student in the UK and im focusing on researching and inventing a new type of land yacht which will be used by scientists on antarctica. The majority of this vehicles power will come from wind and i will experiment with different areas in order to harness the energy into usable energy to power things such as electric motors. Im in need of some advice. This vehicle is going to be used in conditions which have winds of “12 kt, moderate breeze”

I have found this whilst in my research stage

The questions which i need answered are

  1. Have any members experiences land/ice yachts in the snow?
  2. Will it be possible for the vehicle with a big enough sail to work in arctic conditions?
  3. Will this vehicle work on snow?

The link above shows that it can be done.

Anyone with any sort of information on fundemantals of land yachts, sizes and the weight they can carry are more then welcome to contact me, help would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards