Laminar flow

I was told the other day by someone who definitely ought to know that at very low speeds (i.e. the creeping Footy on its way to the 6 min barrier) it is possible for laminar flow to reastablish itself after the flow has become turbulent. Does anyone know anything about this or have I seriously misunderstood something.


My thought is that at the Reynolds numbers that we work with, all the flow is laminar and most of the flow theory does not apply.:graduate:

Do not take that as gospel, as I only know enough to be dangerous.:devil3:

There are a number of rocket scientists who lurk here who could shed some learned light.:lol:

I have done some significant work in the area of foil sections for very small models ie very low reynolds numbers.
In fact I comissioned an airfoil designer to this end.
Results will surprise you maybe.I won’t release my findings here has it cost me an arm and a leg.
You will have to buy one of my new footy kits to see the new section when they come out.:slight_smile:

A man who runs a fairly big tanking facility confirms that re-astablshment of laminar flow downstream of turbulators can be a problem.

This appears very important for any design that is reyting on flow being turbulent in order to avoid separation.