LaJabless wins!

After our usual regatta today, we had an impromptu Footy race and my LaJabless won our first ever! :smiley: It has a basic stayless rig with 44cm mast, but it was suggested that I try one of the maximum height. I will also be finishing up certain things that were tacked on like the keel bulb and either a new, formed hatch cover or one with a zip-lok seal.

It was a new experience sailing my LaJab, as I’m not accustomed to seeing the boat bobbing on the waves when waiting out a hole, and you needed to be awake on the sticks so a quick puff didn’t have you turned around!

thx Nigel :zbeer:

It should be me thanking you.

When I first started making these wee vessels, It was the build quality that I could assure peoples of. The sailing / performance was left up to those capable of doing so. You have done so.

I’m glad that you have success with your Lajabless:witch:. I’m trying to do the same with my personal one(s). More time on the sticks…


Up until now, the build was slow because I was getting used to building things SMALL, and it’s the same for other hulls like the BobAbout & Razor. But now that I have tools & skills, I can make some more rigs, and try other stuff.

Maybe some of the other LaJabless owners can tell us of their sailing experiences, like what worked or didn’t?

BTW, that’s a zippy little sucker! Maybe I can get some video. But since it’s still not tracking so straight on its own, it will be nea impossible.