LaJabless Article in MY

If you didn’t get your Model Yachting magazine yet, there’s an article about the Lajabless by Mr. Heron. It describes mr. Heron’s story into Footies and the story behind the Lajabless. The rest is a quick overview about the building of a Lajabless.

It’s a good story and worth the read, especially if you don’t have a Lajabless yet. :smiley:


I generally have an issue with guys who write articles that are actually sales tools for the hulls they are trying to sell. I will let Nigel slide on this one. He did leave out some important info that would help people to decide wether to invest in his beautifully crafted hull, like how much does it weigh all up and how much of that weight is in the bulb. Also, what form it comes in, turnkey or hull parts kit. How much does the boat cost in its various levels of completion? Anyway, I hope he does well enough with it to recoup his tooling costs.

You know nothing of my planned ventures, and to make statements based on here-say or rederick is not cool.

I was asked by the publication people of that mag, to do a more in-depth article (much like the American Footy, Kittywake, and 507 articles). This was not a pathetic marketting attempt on my part. My kits speak for them self. The one’s before me did a great job, and I figure others wanted me to do similar, so I could be near the level of professionalism as they are.

All missed information you state, has been published everywhere (including the ventures website) since my venture’s inception.

Go here and see for yourself:

Seems your “Issues”, stem from somewhere else…

Nigel, I meant no offense. The Footy class is still developing so people like yourself, Graham and Andrew Cook are helping the class while advertising their products. Down the road, when the Footy is well established, I would consider the same type of article in poor taste.

It is true though that the AMYA Quarterly focuses on a different class (or classes) in each issue. In the case of one-design classes from a single manufacturer it is hard to avoid the advertising issue, although in most cases a class secretary or other uncompensated participant is the article’s author.

Nigel, I have a great deal of respect for your craftsmanship and attention to detail. The quality of your products sets the bar pretty high for the rest of us. This is a good thing and should be an inspiration to us all. Your article was lyrical and lively, and the stats that I thought should have been included are available elsewhere. But, not all of your readers will track down your website or scrounge up your posts on this forum. Having written many articles for the Quarterly I can vouch for the difficulty in deciding how much information is enough and how much is too much. But the stats that I pointed out were missing are vital to getting a feel for the boat you were describing.

Am I nuts, or did the word FOOTY not appear a single time! I only ready it quickly with little kids afoot…so I apologize if I missed it

Of course I knew exactly what it was, but to the man on the street who didn’t already know, could have been misled that it’s a class of its own, and not make the connection.

BTW - I hope it brings in many orders Neil!

Maybe your Quarterly was censored, in mine Nigel metions the Footy connection in Paragraph 4 and 5.

Nigel - congratulations on getting the page space

No offence taken here. I mearly put the facts down to set the record straight.:slight_smile:

And thank you. It sounds as if a space in the mag is hard to come by. If so, then I count my blessings for having it offered to me.:smiley:

As for the future, I’ll just stick to what I know…Building.
Seems as if I try other stuff, it just stirs up dust. And I’m not really one for stirring up anything. Unless I’m cooking up a curry.:lol:

Speaking of building, I just saw what some germans are doning on another forum. :graduate: My Scale skills are nowhere near theirs. I’ve wanted to do something in the 1/10-scale, but now I’m afraid to try. :lol:

one day I hope to be a proud owner of one of your boats. Like you said, they speak for themselves.

I am hopping to pick up a copy of MY just so i can read your article!

Congratulations Nigel on your article, I found it to be an interesting read. Showing a little insight into how you produce the hulls etc. and the number of steps required just shows further what good value we get from you. Being a wood guy I admire your handling of what I call ‘sticky stuff’ and I am sure that I will never produce such work. Yep it just sticks to my fingers, every time.

Keep it up Nigel and take such space whenever it is offered, I know that neither of us could afford to pay for that acerage.


It sticks to all fingers that mess with it. :stuck_out_tongue: Just gotta use lots of acetone.:lol: