Lack of permissions to post !

Chad -

once again we seem to have an issue of new subscribers trying to register, and being able to read and send PM messages - but their profile shows all permissions are still set to “NO”.

Here is one for Erle who signed in as “werlec”

you MAY NOT post new threads
you MAY NOT post replies
you MAY NOT post attachments
you MAY NOT edit your posts

In addition, what is really odd, is that the forum recognizes them - but they don’t show in the “community” as members !

Please also look at/for a Robert May who is seeing similar access issues.

Thanks, Dick

Hmmmnnn, same problem for me, i set myself up with a new user name 4 days ago as I wish to decommision this username and whilst I have had a confirmation and authorisation email from webmaster i cannot post or start threads yet…BTW …new user name is “Morspeed”…cheers.

Chad - we have another WHICH IS IDENTICAL to the error message above (for a WKENT) - this makes about 5 or 6 … I’ve lost track. Same issue, They sign on, can read and send PM messages, but have no rights assigned to them.


cant post.jpg

Yes I am aware of this issue… In an effort to Curb spam bots I was attempting to moderate users. I will attempt to do this again but I ll setup an introduction forum where new users must post first to prove they are not spammers. Trying different methods to stop spammers… bear with me…