Kyoshos Seawind rigging

A disabled friend has been given a ready built Seawind which I am trying to set up for him. The model is very nicely built, even has a wood case for sail rig and another for hull. As there is no instruction book I cannot quite sort out the various lines on the jib sail and boom - does any one have close up photos of this area which might help. The only Seawind I have seen had a different rig with carbon mast, booms, paneled sails and was quite different. Looks a sleek fast design and obviously has a strong following. I have just bought a Graupner True Blue which looks a nice kit - hope it keeps up with Seawind !! Thanks for any help.

Check out this page there are tuning articles and a link to PDF of the instruction manual down the page on the left side.

You can download an instruction manual from the SeaWind Resource Center web site. It is loaded with great information. The URL is . The manual is under the articles page

There are tuning instructions also under the articles page.
Hope this helps.
SW # 16
AMYA 14403

Thanks very much guys for your help and guidance. I’m sure I can sort it out now and hopefully sail her tomorrow.
Dave M :smiley: