Kyosho Seawind as against Thunder Tiger ETNZ as a first boat

Hi - I am Dubai Dave - have been sailing boats since I was 7 and now want to buy an RC sailing boat - I have done a bit of research and come down to 2 options - Thunder Tiger ETNZ 1 or the Kyosho Seawind - does anyone have any guidance as to which one is a better boat.



Welcome to RCsailing Dave, l wrote review on the TT ETNZ a few years ago.

Needless to say the Seawind is a far superior RC yacht & there is good resource with the Seawind group here that can support you.

Good winds. Alan

I agree with Alan’s comments. The Thunder Tiger boat has a number of issues that come with it that need to be addressed in order for it to sail as well as it looks. The Seawind has over the years been proven to be a staple and a worth while boat to own. Now they are sold RTR or ready to sail rather than in kit form. The new boat is really the same old boat but all the assembly is done by the factory.

There is a list of tuning tips documented here on this forum for the new boat that make it even better. Of the two, my choice would be the Seawind. ( I have two of them currently)

There are other models worth your consideration. One worthy of a look is a CR 914 - Chesapeake Performance Models produces these boats here it the U.S. the website is should you be interested in checking them out. They are raced internationally and are sold in kit forum or in various stages of construction if the customer desires.

The CR 914 at 36" is a tad shorter than either the Seawind or ETNZ - even so, in my opinion the CR 914 may be a better overall sailing boat. I have a CR 914 and consider it to be a worth while option - the builder provides great support too!