Krazy Kiwi Kat Koncept

Well here is one man`s concept of thinking outside the box, for measurement inside the box, if you can understand that fuzzy logic, or drivel, you choose.:witch:
The material is from a pool noodle made of EPP, with bow shapes made from surfboard foam. The total hull weight so far is 85 grams.:batman:

The rig shown may not end up powering this hull but is a new light wind unarig with a straight carbon mast. The boom is laminated from three cedar strips taken from cedar venetian blinds.:dunce:
The central portion has a lift off lid to house the gear.

Tommorow I hope to make the fin with attached rudder that I have written of elsewhere.:darth:

We shall see if it floats like a butterfly or sails like a brick.

Very Krazy, Ian…maybe even brilliant…I can’t wait to find out how it sails…I have a tube in the garage waiting to be put to good use!

Another Krazy thought…the concept might work for monohulls with a fatter tube…remember Roger’s Crazy Tube Too 50/800 design? Think I’ll go dig out that plan.

Bill H

Ian , a very indelicate question. Will the tiles fall off?

Sorry mate, I am a bit thick so you will have to explain the question.:dunce:

What tiles, or off what?

Looks a bit like a space shuttle. Sorry for being obscure!

OK, got it now…ha…ha:scared:
My wife reckons it looks like a jet backpack. Something from the Jetsons.:witch:

Space Shuttle? Jet Pack?? Thie cute lil thing didn’t quite put me in mind of those… but it did make me think of the only just-add-water Footy kit currently on the market…