kiwi in ozy

hi all

i am a kiwi in ozy
just finished my first RC boat a RacingSparrow 1m

about to start a iacc120 (nzl92)


Gidday Laazan, glad to here your joining the IACC 120 fleet, fantastic boats to sail & race, if I can be of any help please let me know.

I’m currently building IACC 120 - NZL 32 can follow build log here or on the mother 120 site here where you need to go through English homepage and go to menu on the left and select forums, there you will see English forum and when you click on that it will ask you for password, just need to use the letter P and you in.

Cheers Alan

i have been reading your thread for some time looks good .
do you have the plans for nzl32 or are you going to just use the stickers ?
nzl 32 would be my first choice over nzl 92 .
nzl 32 is my child hood fav you could say

thanks lance

Here are the only NZL-32 plans for IACC 120 that I know of, Claudio has not made the shadows yet as he has been busy on another build, drop him a PM and he will let you when they will be available.

Other free plans from Claudio are available here

I modified plans for my 32 build, with narrower beam and bow, these plans (attached) were not available when I had started the project

Cheers Alan