Kittiwake K2 kit launched 09.09.08

The Kittiwake K2 is the reason that the Kittiwake kit has not been available for a while. K2 is the result of watching and listenning to what our customers have done with their Kittiwakes, plus information gleaned from my Siren design and others. The goal was to produce a quicker ‘out-of-the-box’ Kittiwake for the club racer without spoiling her for the fun sailor who requires the kit sails to work in a broad range of wind speeds. Still very much a Kittiwake, I hope that you will like K2 equally as much. Photos and more at

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Graham McAllister

Will the K2 be making it across the pond to the UK anytime soon ?

Sky Bug v1.9
Electro Tutor B’less

Hi Gordon… ah Skybug and Electro Tutor, those were the days. Are they both still flying?

K2 will indeed be available from Keith in the UK. He has already asked for some so I’ll be putting a box together for him shortly. If you want to email him via the web site (don’t like to give emails in forums) then he will put you on his list of interested parties.

So you are dabbling in footys too?


The Skybug is in for repairs after an incident whilst Limbo flying:D. My E-tutor is still doing sterling service as a trainer for my father.

Have e-m’ed Keith. I have yet to get organised enough to actually get to a Footy Fest or comp…working on it though…

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K2 kit arrived today!

Stunned by the quality of the laser cut parts, the detailed instructions and the quality of the packing job. Wow.


I’m very pleased you are happy with it JW. I guess I do put a lot of effort into my kits and it stems from a glider kit I bought back in 1995 or so. I was so disgusted with the general quality and design of the kit that I gave it away and swore never to buy a kit again. So when I found myself entering the kit business back in '97 I had only one option, to put together a kit which I would be willing to build. Writing instructions is very time consuming too but again I look at it like this, if I don’t describe every single operation in the building of a boat how can I expect you to know what I am intending. So if it takes 10 sides of close typed letter paper and a photo CD then so be it :slight_smile:

Have fun, I did…