hey guys i gots a question for the general populace; i’m tooling up a footy mold and i was wondering is there any interest in my making kit hulls availible? if not fine, i’ll still build it for myself, but i just thought i’d ask!

Can you give us any details? like what design the mold was made from? Also, where are you located?


Hey 420,

Based on the requests I get, I’m sure there would be interest…but probably not enough to make you a rich man. :wink: Post some pics and I’m sure the response will give you enough info to decide whether you’d like to go into business.


the design is my own… but i think it should do fine. as i said i am in the middle of tooling the mold, so no pics other than those of the plans themselves. thanx for the thoughs mud, i’ll take your advice and post some pics of hull number one as soon as she’s done! btw, if anyone wants the pics of the plans, [i can promise they’ll be great, i’m no photographer] just ask and i’ll stick um up here.

There’s a thread for posting plans in the helpful hints section. I’d really like to see them. I want to encourage everyone to share so we can learn from each other, even if designs and ideas are unproven.


Bill, if not the plans, would you settle for a screen shot? Maybe it’ll be enough to get your interest (or drooling) :sly:

Sure Tom…I’d like to see anything 420 can give us…I’m as curious as you are about his new boat!

i’ll try to get a pic of the plans uploaded in the near future… srry it took me a bit to get back to the forum, i’ve been having some computer issues… [my macs harddrive died] =[

keep holdin’ guys, i should have a scan of the plans up tomorrow nite, or the nite after at the latest… i hope =/ this computer thing is just killin’ me! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! anyway, the plug is slowly moving foreward, its finally gone from a bunch of shadows to a semi-covered wooden shell! pretty exciting!

hey now this is something . I know the feeling when you get to this piont. congrats. do you know how much you will be charging for you kit? and one thing you should think about is price with sails and without. but that is just me
you know it takes guts to go out on a limb. when you build something with your name on it. people can say alot of things. just let it roll off. my first design was called b@b boat. not cutlass. ( broom stick and bedsheets)
give us a picture, and you might some orders
good luck

yah, it was pretty cool getting to that point! however, after building the first tool i have decided to impliment some design changes which infortunatly will take a little bit to incorporate. so, i’ll get the modifyed plans up as soon as i can, but knowing me that could take as much as a week… [slap across the cheek] as for if it’ll be with sails/rig or without, we’ll see, i’d like to see how much its gonna cost me to build one complete boat before i decide that!

k, well, i finally got footy 1.2 starting the fairing process. pay no attention to how rough she is right now, this is just bondo layer number one… [evil laugh:devil: ] anyway, i’ll send somemore as i get further, and take more pics!

Hmmm, Nice cake… Need to work on the icing :dunce: .


yah, the icing is coming along well… i’m getting to the point where i am almost done with the plug! YAY! it took long enough!:turtle: hopefully by this weekend i should be building the mould, and then, the hull number 1! i should have some pics of the plug in progress by tomorrow night. the stupid computer thing won’t resolve its self! k, pics to come!

here are the pics i promised. shes comin’ along!:spin: we should be gettin o mould time pretty soon!