Kite Power

[:-chef] Here is the place to post your thoughts on using kites to power R/C Model Landyachts. I own a small Elliot Parafoil kite and have posted the link to their web page.
I don`t think I would be brave enough to try using my kite as it would be to hard to control.

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

hey all

I was talking to a friend of mine a few days ago from the pulsejet comunity who is also very into kites as he was looking at building a rc kite buggy.

I will try my best to explain what we came up with. Using a small 2 line delta kite ( This kite is easy to control, pull the left line and it turns left!

Now this would be controlled by a servo which sits on a tube which can spin freely. On one end of the tube will be a small weight, half way down the other half of the stick is your servo to control sail direction. On the end of the tube that the servo is on is another small tube which is half way accrossthe tube. The Servo controls this end tube and the ends of the kit will be tied onto that!

anyone follow???
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well heres a picture that might help!

Download Attachment: [ RC Kite Buggy.jpg]( H/20052116374_RC Kite Buggy.jpg)

I still have my Blade 1 4.9 and my Skytiger HI30…Peter Lynn folding buggy…a Vapor…and the only one I still use, the great 3D

Dont use them at all…the 3D could be use-able [;)] as the size might be ok for a landsailer…


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Two line delta kites are a little sensitive flown from lines. Most people find it difficult enough to fly under normal condition and you’d loose a lot of feedback from the control lines to be able to controll it via servo. There was an article a few years back by a student who’d built a kiteflying robot controlledby a laptop. The only way to keep the response times up was by flying on very long lines and giving enough buffer zone.

Just got some underappreciated bigfoot wheels yesterday. Now to get some 30mm stainless tubing and a few bends to build a new buggy!!! Also brought back a new 20m kite and kiteboard from my weekend at the Nationals… I so need a bigger garage!