Kit Schooner

Has anyone radio contorlled a kit schooner, if so what problems were overcome?
I have a billings Bluenose kit, which I think could be sailed ok. Or the other thought is use the kit as a pattern for a purpose built R/C model.

Main problems I can see is whether ballast in existing hull would be sufficient to keep her upright, jib function with R/C. I cannot see how the fishermans staysail could be operated though.

Any thoughts on this please

i have sort of done them same thing. i got the drawing for the bluenose II. and blew them up a bit. then looked at it so see where wieght could be saved and more ballast could be added? ie carbon mast. lead keel. and what i came up with. this boat will not work as designed. now i could be wrong.but what i came up with is why not use a IOM fin. and bring it up under the central cabin. while the boat was underway. you would have alot of righting movement. and when you bring the boat out. of the water, you can take the fin out. and nobody would know the diff.
as for the fishermans sails. I dont think you real do need them . you can tie them lossely so they would only realy work when running a beam.
now please i am no expert. and this has not worked yet. i did help a friend do his schooner, and this is how we did his. and it works nicely. untill he got real stupid and put it into a real solid wind
good luck with yours

Hi NevC, here’s a good link on the Bluenose II
this is a good site for schooners.


Have a look at my boat :slight_smile: