KISS single-sail footy plans?

I’ve always been vaguely interested in RC sailing boats, but started reading a little more about them after moving to arizona (strange, isn’t it? There’s a man-made lake in our little town though that would be lovely for a model sailboat). I stumbled onto a “foam footy” thread on another forum and suddenly I’m hooked! I blame it all on the pintail ;).

I’m planning to buy or build my 4 year old son a little free-sailing sailboat like this one :

I was wondering whether there were any plans to build a simple footy along those lines, so that he could have a boat “just like Dad’s”? Eventually I’m planning to get a Pintail (since it started this obsession) but at the moment funds are tight. If I could find the right plan I’d probably go ahead build it and rig it as a free sailer till I can kick free some cash for the radio – I’d like to start building a footy sooner than later so that I can get out of the armchair and start getting my fingers wet :).


-Rick (who so wants to go rogue and use his 72MHz radio so he can start sailing “now”, but he knows it’s wrong, and he shouldn’t. so he won’t. probably)

The best free sailing Footys are by Ian Dunmoe in England. They are designed to be very simple and easy to make. His email address is

Because they do not have to carry a zillion grams of electonics around, free sailing Foorts are faster, as ell as being grest fun.