Keel trunk

What are you guys making your keel trunks from? I used to just make a sandwich from 1/8ply on the sides, and 3/16 ( or whatever thickness the fin is) as a spacer.

On the Footy, I might use 1/8 ali, so I’d probably use 1/16 ply for the sides, and 1/8 ply for the spacer.

I’ll seal everything with spar varnish (polycrylic).

But what about attaching the trunk to the Footy hull? Do you need full-width bulkheads, for are a few gusetts enough?
The hull is balsa, but I could put in some veneer doublers.


forget all that…just glue the sucker in.
Don’t need any internals …well only if you drop it,but your not gunna do that!!

OK, but it’ll be tough getting the bugger into a suitcase with the keel on, but I’ll think about it. Maybe I’ll have to build one boat with a removeable keel, one without.

I made mine out of ABS sheet. I guess I will drill a hole thru it all to hold it in place. Of course, should’ve done that before I glued it in:sleep1:
PS I got a ton of questions to ask real soon

Looks like you’re doing fine, Bob :smile3: …but ask away and we’ll do our best to help.

Too many options, Bob. I just gotta go diving to see what I can get.

Back to keel trunks-
I’m gonna look and see if there’s any of that ready made brass rectangular tube stock thats the right thickness and use it for a trunk. I made a basswood fin thats 1/4 inch thick. Something about trunks makes me want to have them go up to deck level for easy access, but my srew jar top hatch already needs to go there. I’ve seen a footy with no hatch just film covering the whole deck. I assume the film needs to be re-applied each voayage? If I do it that way should I bring a battery powered sealing iron with me to the pond? These little boats must get pretty wet on deck.

Too many options. I’ll probly just glue the fin in and be done. Won’t be much harder to fit in a suitcase anyway. Maybe I’ll make a carrying case about the size of a luch box with a cute picture on the front.


I suppose a Footy would fit in a cornet case- keel and rig.

Too bad they don’t make really small transmitters with the same range to fit in the same box. Come to think of it, why would you need much range sailing a footy?

Good point. I’ll bet somebody makes one.