Keel for old Marblehead


I am from the UK and have just bought what I believe to be a 1959 hard chined ply-built Marblehead (vane steered) - it has everyhting except a keel, vane steering system and sheeting system.

Has anyone got a spare old keel lying around that I could modify to fit and some even old vane steering?? I would pay postage and a beer!

Kind regards,

Richard Stobart
London, UK

Why don’t you make the keel yourself ? I suppose it will have to be wood so you can make it the ‘traditional’ way …

Take the wood you’re going to use and split it into 2 parts; then make a slot into each of the parts (deep enough to accomodate half of an aluminium bar inside); glue the bar and the two sides back together; then shape the keel to form.

Quite simple and strong actually. I’ve done it for a wooden Marblehead I’ve build a few years ago and havn’t got any problems with it since…

ps. Sorry for the bad english but I havn’t got my dictionary here [B)]