Just saying Hi!

I was referred to this forum by wismerhell becuase my interest in Multihual. So I am here seeking infomation where to start.

Homebuilding is prolly the way I want to go becuase i don’t have 2K to dump all at once for a kit (seen some nice kits, or atleast i thought they were kits) I would rather spend that kind of money else where.

Basically i need to know where to start, hopefully I am on the right trail. I am currently working on a scratch built US 1 Meter ship called “magic” that i found on amya website, I am still setting up the ‘shadows’ and looking for a balsa stripper (don’t feel like making that particular tool).

well, i rpolyl could write more, but i prolly should get going. Its getting late and I have a 12 hour shift ahead of me.


hi drake
welcome to the forum. you should contact dick lemke. He knows more than anybody i do about mutlihulls. and is an ok guy. just dont let him know i said that. it will go to his head. lol
I am a IOM guy and will to help you with anything you might want to know

Buying a kit? not many serious people! the F48 Nightmare built by Ian Sammis USA(spell??) and then Anthony in the UK (he doesn’t ship) http://www.apolloboatservices.co.uk/ …the rest…no need to know! But you have a bunch of home-builders!!! Free plans available at: http://water.resist.free.fr/Anglais/Partager.htm http://radioyachting.com/multihull.htm Don’t know of more… You might need to talk to Dick Lemke (a very serious guy in the USA) and a home builder, I think he made himself a one meter tri, and a F48… Welcome aboard!

Hi Drake - I’m here !!! :spin:

How can I help you ? Post questions here, PM or email me - your choice. Glad to have you considering one. Where are you located ?

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Thanks for the warm welcome.

I am located in League City, TX. The waters I have near me include Clear Lake, Galveston Bay, and Gulf of Mexico ( A nice range of fresh to saltwater that all interconnect).

I have an idea for a design but I haven’t really sketched it out or anything. My main goal though is to design or help design a 3 - hual ship that is either 1m or 2m in length. The only problem with me designing is the lack of knowledge of fluid dynamic or theories that is involved… If and when I get my whats in my mind onto paper, maybe you can give me guidelines…

Tomorrow I plan to start laying some strips on the 1m i found plans for, but I should have some time to sit down and rough sketch general idea(s) out.