Just saying hello...

Hi all,

New sailor here, just registered…I’ve just ordered myself a small cat to rekindle my interest in wind power. I did own a 575 yacht many years ago which was great fun, and now I fancy building another. I now live alone in a small flat so large boats are off limits (I can’t manage them anymore, old age and two heart attacks have seen to that) a small cat seemed to be ideal.

I’ll start a build log of my boat when it arrives if anybody would be interested…


Welcome Rich. What have you ordered yourself?


Thank you for the welcome Ray, promise you won’t laugh…I’ve ordered a Lesro Gemini cat, as in my avatar. It’s nice and compact, it’ll fit in my car and also my flat, which were the two main considerations.


Hey Rich, why would I laugh, the boat will have some limitations but It’ll be fun and who knows where this intro to model multihulls might lead?

Here’s a link to the BMMA site, maybe you could get along to one of the meetings?



I realise it’ll have limits Ray, but as you say, I should get some fun out of it.

I’ve built nothing but r/c submarines for the past twenty years or so, but now I’ve realised that:
(a) I can’t handle them like I used to…:mad:
(b) My eyesight isn’t as good as it was back then, and trying to hook up linkages in places where I can’t see what the hell I’m doing isn’t fun anymore…:mad:
© After two heart attacks I just can’t seem to haul six foot subs up and down stairs any longer…:mad:

It’ll be nice just to pick up boat and tx and go sailing! :smiley:

I had a look on the multihull website, Gosport is only a couple of hours from me…maybe me and my cat might just go down there. I’ve been there plenty of times to the sub museum, did a big show there back in the eighties.


Hey Rich, welcome back.
I understand you have made your decision on the mini cat and I and others look forward to following your build log.
However… if you have the time then please take a look at the Micro Magic class.
It is becoming very strong in UK and the size is just right for you as you describe your requirements.
There are bound to be other owners in your area with whom to sail and share building and tuning tips.
No pressure mate, just a suggestion. Best wishes. :zbeer:

Hello Ian,

Thanks for the welcome, it’s nice to be here. Funny you mention the Micro Magic class, I’ve been looking at them for a while…I chose the little cat to start with because I thought it may be a more stable boat for me to learn on, after all I’m used to sailing six foot plus subs, and I figured that the cat with it’s bigger footprint in the water may be a steadier boat.

I was impressed with the Micro Magic boat, maybe once I’ve learned to drive the cat and sold a sub or two to raise some funds I’ll look into the MM class as my next project.

It’ll be a while before I get to open the box of the cat however, next week I’m on holiday for a month…but I’ll be dying to get in that box, holiday or no holiday!



“Don`t let the cat out of the box,” there has got to be a joke in there somewhere…:lol:

It will be interesting to see your experiences but unless the catamaran has some kind of training wheels (weighted keel ) it will be far LESS stable than a Micro Magic which is a keel boat and totally self righting.

Enjoy your holiday and we await your return with baited breath. :cool:

Now he tells me…got that wrong, then!!


Just had a look on my local club’s website, they sail mainly One Metre Yachts (IOM) and the ¼ scale Laser. I don’t suppose the MM falls in the IOM class, does it?

It looks as though the required funds have been raised, one of my subs has a decent bid on it on ebay so far, which is nice. The cat hasn’t surfaced yet though, the couriers made rather a hash over delivery…I’m promised it will be here tomorrow. :rolleyes: So I’ll have time to open the box at least before Sunday arrives.


If you can get your arms around a Laser (they seem hard to come by lately) it is a decent sized boat easily seen at a distance. As I recall, it is about 45 inches/1.14 meters (approx) in length.
Has a mast without rigging, a mainsial that slips over the mast, and a single line to control the sails. Usually buyers opt for the travel bag, and my guess is a 10-15 minute setup time (if that long) at the pond.

Insert mast into hole in hull
Slide sail over mast
Snap rudder into place (if you remove it for transportation)
Insert keel through hull (if you removed it for transportation)
Assure rudder linkage is connected
Attach main sheet to boom to control sail
Turn on receiver
Turn on transmitter
Verify rudder and sail/boom movement
Place in water
Have fun!!!


ADDED: MM is way too small at around 60-70 cm to even come close to an IOM size. Besides, IOM is an international class and (more or less) a one-design.

Thank you sir, for that info…I guess I’d be better off buying something that the locals sail regularly. They have a meeting this weekend, but I’m away to the airport Sunday morning, so that’s out of the window.

But I seem to getting way ahead of myself here, the cat hasn’t even arrived yet, and it’s been a lot of years since I sailed a wind powered boat…so I think the order should be get the cat operational, learn what does what and then upgrade myself.

Thank you again…


I wish you well with your multihull, and hope it meets your expectations.

Usually these particular models look better than they perform - but what the heck - might explain why a lot of people buy a boat the “looks” great instead of one the looks - well - rather mundane but sails and performs well.

Looking forward to hearing of your experiences - both good and bad if you dont mind?

Well, the cat has finally surfaced after several phone calls to the courier company and a flurry of emails from the boss…I will say I’m not that impressed with it. I guess it’s a very old kit, as the mast is the same shape as a horses hind leg, so that’ll have to be replaced before I start.

So, here’s what I’m thinking…I’ll leave the construction of the cat for a while until I’ve sorted out whet needs replacing or rejigging, etc, and go straight onto a ‘proper’ yacht. As mentioned earlier, my local club (ten minutes from my front door) sail 1OM boats, so my quandry is this : do I go for one of those, or do I go for a Micro Magic?

Decisions, decisions…


IOMs are amazing boats. If you can manage it, go IOM. You will not regret it.:cool:

Vancouver Island eh? My sister lives there, my cousin lives in Richmond on the mainland, she’ll be here on Sunday!

Anyway, thanks for that…I’ll be having a look at some 1OM’s I think.
Cancel that, just seen the prices of IOM boats…ouch. I’m almost decided on a Micro Magic, they fall into my price range nicely, even the top of the range all singing all dancing one. Anything special to watch out for when buying a MM? Sorry for all the questions guys, I was always taught that if you don’t ask, you don’t get told.



HI Rich,

Have you checked out the MYA web site boats for sail?

There is an IOM listed at just over 200 pounds. This sounds like a good starter boat. If you want to get more involved later and move to a more advanced boat, you should be able to resell this one.


The MM is probably the best small kit boat around. It is a real sailing boat with all the adjustments of an IOM. However the small size makes it very ‘twitchy’. If your local club sails IOM, you would be an orphan with the MM.

Other good boats to consider are the Laser (ready to sail) and the Victor Soling 1M ( a complete kit but an easy project). By comparison, you will find all the other plastic kit boats very disappointing.

Good luck with your search.

Hi John,

Thanks for that sir, I guess I could run to two hundred pounds, it depends on what the sub fetches on ebay. Still got a few more days yet to end of auction.

You’re right, I know…I would be better sailing the same boats as the local club.

Thanks for your help John…and all of you, it’s much appreciated.


Hi Rich, to answer your question, The only Micro Magic to buy is the "Racing " version or Mark II as it is sometimes called.
As far as the IOM class is concerned, that is the ultimate aim for you in my humble opinion.
It is the best class to race if you want to be serious.
Welcome to the madness.:devil3::lol::witch:

Thank you Ian and everybody for all the kind assistance you’ve so freely offered, the final decision has been made, you’ll be pleased to know.

I’m going to make a start with an MM (the racing version) learn how to drive it on my local small water ( a few of the guys get down there on a Friday afternoon which will be ideal, it’s on my way home from work), then when I feel confident enough to seriously flex my plastic friend, then I’ll get me a 1OM and get onto the bigger water with the local club.

That way I’ll at least have an idea of what does what and when I should be doing it.

Does that sound a reasonable way to go about things? Learn with a Mini…then buy a Ferrari.