Just [edited] STOP!!!!!!!!!!

you are right; but we NEED someone to watch out the monkey(s) (no offense).
Being a moderator means (at least for me) being respsonsible and FAIR / NEUTRAL!
not always easy…for sure! (specially me…I have already chosen my side…)


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!


In think that we need to get some well need moderation in here and some very neutral ones.

I know I am a new comer but at times I wonder why I ever come here as the only discussions seem to be bagging each other. There is no movement except for a few people on the technical discusion ffront and these people don’t seem to want to get involved in the bullshit that is going on the other discussions and who would blame them and I have counted a number of new members that have made remarks that they will not be coming back to this site and why would you come back when you see the shit going on.

I think if Mathew and cougar would do some well need moderation it would be great I think that Chad has probably not had time to do all the moderation as there is just to much to be done purely from people talking crap or as Mathew put it sounding like broken records and hey when you are not involved it sure sounds like a very broken record. If you look at teh main page how many of the topics are actually sailing related stuff all.

Can we not just get back to what this is about RC sailing if anyone has forgotten.

i have just pm chad. on the new classes. so if he want the help, I am willing to do it. and to greg. MY SPELLING HAS ALWAYS BEEN THIS BAD:-)
and to dick . you are right , there is going to be alot of people willing to have post that will elevate themselves. i dont want to do that. and i dont want it to seem like that is what i am doing. i just want to talk with my friends and build the new IACC20 boats
good luck
and if people want to pm me. i am here everyday. i have epilepsy and i can not work. so i build sailboats and work on designs. i live for the SPORT of sailing

Be a good guy, and tell us when (or if) Chad ever responds.

In the meantime, as some others have suggested, guess I’ll just sit back and let you guys try to figure out how to control the site and pull it around in a direction it was left to go on it’s own. I think it will be a “fun” thing to observe.

Before you get started randomly trying to enforce the posts and topics, a closing suggestion from me:

  1. Develop a plan on HOW you all intend to monitor the site,
  2. What rules and what actions will be taken,
  3. What constitutes mis-use, and above all
  4. HOW you are going to handle problems when they arise.

Strongly suggest you notify the offender and let them make the changes - instead of being “ham-fisted” and changing someone’s post on your own. And finally - what is needed is clarification as to WHEN questions becomes a personal attack?

I do plan to continue asking Doug from time to time when his ideas and products that are talked about for so long will hit the water - after all - he is a manufacturer and they will be business related questions.

Have “fun”.

Dick raises a good point: What is off limits here?

As far as I know there are no rules about what is acceptable topic matter. As to the tone of posts, we all have a different idea of where the line of decorum lies. Much of the recent unpleasantness seems to revolve around things that were said or not said in personal emails which the moderators cannot control nor even verify.

Are we going to leave it to the moderators’ discretion to decide what is uncivil enough to get axed?

Don’t get me wrong here, I want a return to civility, but it is not clear to me (in reviewing some of the recent bash sessions) where in the moderators would step in and halt the downhill slide…

  • Will

Will Gorgen

chad has apionted me as a moderator.(sorry for the spelling) what dick said was true. i think the moderator and chad have to get together to have a “bull seccion” and talk over what can be said and what if said, can be removerd. i will not be allowing people to use bad or fowl langauge. but i want to be able to allow the free exhange of ideas. and to not kill a different idea than my own
dick i count on you as a friend and expert to help with this.
will i agree with the idea of civilitiy. it is needed here
p.s. and to greg v.
i would put a smiley face there but i dont know how

I’ve never known Greg to use fowl language. It’s for the birds.

Congrats, cougar - but this will be a tough job!

The Other Matt

Matt, I don’t know about that…

I think I may have slipped a few times out on that pier!
F[:-censored]ing seaweed!

Hey, do I still get that beer even though Chad cleared the table?

Good job Lloyd. I promise to keep you on those toes![:-wiltel]

i totaly agree with that statement but . we dont have seaweed up here in the frozen north. we have duck c**p
and i need help from people to do this. I count all of you friends
even greg:-(
and did somebody mention beer?