Just another boat nut from Ontario, Canada!

I am brand new to RC anything. I have a 14ft Catalina sailboat and a Phantom (made in China) RC sailboat which I have modified extensively (just my nature, I never leave well enough alone).

I am very confident with my wood-working and metal-working skills and have a few completed :slight_smile: projects (toys, boats etc). I plan on building a competition racer but undecided on what class to tackle. I totally enjoy fabricating my own bits and pieces, be it wood, metal, plastic etc. so I will be looking at sailboat that will challenge my resources.

I am always ready and willing to help in anyway I can. My outlook is… there are no bad questions but there is always the possibility of a misleading answer (sometimes intentional) …I have not yet browsed this forum but I strongly believe a good forum must represent a caring and sharing environment for the good of the sport and not a place for people to exercise their egos. …Here’s to “caring & sharing” :slight_smile: