Junk Posts

Looks like a better method of forum registration/verification is needed.

And “nicolle” is a JUNIOR MEMBER already?


Another spammer in the multihulls section of the forum. :mad:

Can these simply be deleted without warning? After all - 1 post and it’s SPAM ???

Chad - can’t they simply be targeted for immediate removal? I seriously doubt that any of them ever come back for a second time - and probably have no idea all of the forums on which they have auto-posted.

Usually there are more than 1-3 posts by us “normal” (?) :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: posters. When it is the first post and it is not related to r/c sailing, I’m suggesting just an immediate delete with a ISP block.


I’m agree with Dick on this one.

When I catch them I will usually delele there account immediately. I am trying to figure out the best way to combat these spammers… I am thinking maybe only allowing a new member to post in an introduction section before allowing them to post to the rest of the board (therefore creating a post count before they can post in the regular forums).

Good idea

Does the “copy this number/alpahabet” thing work like some sites? It requires a physical recopy and submit as second step. Not sure if this BB handles something like that. Definetly want to make it easy on you so not a lot of work to move them to a “open posting” area.


I think josaff qualifies to be bounced. Sony Viao, TV’s, now a digital camera. Block this clown.

Banned and blocked.

Banned and blocked

getfromus… Another spammer. He/she hit a lot of topics at once which makes it all the more anoying.

What a shame - now we all get…

SPAM and its newest offshoot PHISHING
JUNK FAXES (I used to forward my home to cell phone but no more)
TELEMARKETERS (does Do Not Call Registry work?)
DOOR TO DOOR salesmen
And every time I’m at a store checkout… “would you be interested in…”, one after another.

Did I miss anything?