Job vacancy

I have resigned as US Registrar. Bill Hagerup, AMYA Class Secretary, will make an appointment for my replacement or assume the duties himself.

It’s been an honor to serve in this position with so many enthusiastic people. I’ve learned much and made some very good friends. I simply came to the realization that I wasn’t having any fun doing this job anymore. My interests in model yachting are elsewhere now and I don’t have the time or energy to meet the demands of another complicated ballot.

Footys are a great class. I hope to see you all at a regatta someday, Footy or some other class (Heck, come to Raleigh for the Vic Nationals, my club is hosting this year).


John Amoroso
ordinary skipper
I’m going sailing

Great, be like Palin and when the going gets tough you leave…:slight_smile:

joke, kidding kidding,

Bill if you need help with the footy registrations. gimme a call 202 345 7679

Hi John -

Sorry to hear this, but from my perspective … “been there and done that”. We each make our personal decisions, based on what is important to us or how effective we would like to be - but can’t.

I’m not a FOOTY owner, althought there are a few foam plugs laying about in the garage - from a Lightning class look alike to a super-slim personal design, but I just never could excited about the size compared to other options. Anyway - my personal thanks to you for your efforts and contributions … and well wishes in your future directions.

Dick Lemke

On a “looking forward” note - I hope some day to be able to meet you at an RG Class regatta. :wink: