Jib Topping Lift

Hi, Is a Jib topping lift necessary to get better performance from an AC100 1 meter sailboat. Some of the IOM owners in our
local club seem to think it is not essential. Are they correct? Appreciate any advice. Regards
PS. They do not even use one on their boats.

for best performance, yes it helps. They are not required. The advantage is you can add twist to the jib in light air with a topping lift. Without one, it is hard to get good jib stay tension and have twist in light air.

Hi slotracer577, Thanks for your info. I thought it was needed and I use one but wnated to make sure these guys were wrong. Regards

I wonder how fast their IOMs are!! I can’t imagine trying to get a good jib shape without one.


Hi, Thanks for your reassurance. I have told these guys they need one. Their IOMs are not very fast as they both bought them used from a guy in England. My AC100 boat
is much faster but I have more Sail Area than they do. They refuse to race me and say that they adjust their Jib shape with the Jib Stay. I cannot convince them so I will
leave them to their ways. Again thanks.

If you want to educate them, then print this:


and give it to them!


Hi, Thanks Edward. I have printed this and will drop it off for them in the next meeeting. Thanks