Jib Boom Pivots

I have going thru all my favorites looking for details on a jib boom pivots. Can anyone help me for some web pages.

Thanks John B

We use a very simple system which might help. We have a fixed point on the deck that we attach a fishing swivel to (min 80pound breaking strain) this is then attached by a snap clip used in fishing to a cable tie that is tightened around the jib boom. On either side of this cable tie are two other cable ties that can slide (with some force) on the jib boom.

I hope this system assists you.

Thanks Peter,but I am after a unit that uses the pivot bearing to hold the boom rigid. The setup is the forestay is attached to the foredeck and the boom pivot located behind the forestay attachment and hopefully I don’t require a topping lift.

Got one for you…check it out: http://homepages.caverock.net.nz/~stball/building%20a%20j.htm is a link to the Canterbury J class building site - New Zealand.

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John, consider the Hoyt jib boom; it is one of the simplest “radial” fittings. Requires a brass tube be inserted in the deck (or into a separate piece of glass screwed to the deck).For a one meter boat 5/32" ss rod(3.9mm) is big enough to use to fit in the brass tube.
Take a 3"(76mm) piece of stainless rod and bend it so that one side goes into the brass tube in the deck and the other side goes into a carbon tube for the boom. A small piece of the brass tube in the deck should be cut and used as collar on the ss rod on the side going into the deck…The angle of the tube into the deck is important: set it up so that a line passing thru the center of the tube intersects the mast exactly where the forestay does.
This gives you a jib boom that does not require a topping lift with the ss rod acting as a vang. Send me your snail mail address and I’ll send you a sketch. This has been the standard jib boom on my spinnaker boats for the last 8 years…
UPDATE: see page two of the Technology section for “Radial jib fittings: Hoyt Jib boom and JPT”
Doug Lord
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