jensen soling 36

hi guys ,has anyone heard of this boat if so are thy any good?i’m looking at buying one and would like to know.thanks tom

There was a Soling 36 that was built/raced in the early 1970’s - from plans in Radio Control Modeler. Unless it is a hybrid, there are currently three sizes that are being actively sold - and one that is a one-design within AMYA.

Mini Soling Length of 30 inches x beam of 7 inches

1 Meter Soling Length 39.3 inches x beam of 9.25 inches *****

Soling 50 Length 50 inches x beam 12 1/8 inches (new)

***** If the boat you are interrested in is this size, it is a well recognized AMYA Class and probably sailed in many parts of the country. If they sial it locally (Check your local model clubs) then go ahead and buy it. The Mini isn’t a recognized class and is about as small as you want to go. It will be good in flat water, light winds and small ponds. The Soling 50 is a new size from Victor Products. It is too new to be a one design, and while it might fit into the Marblehead (50/800) Class, it will not be competitive with today’s high tech M Class boats.

As always - see what they are sailing locally and try the same. More fun to have others with similar boats.

Sorry but even a search on internet doesn’t give much info on a “jensen” boat. I think I would pass on it and stay mainstream. Again, if it is a Soling 1 Meter, it’s a large class and maybe the guy who assembled it is advertising it under his name. The “class one design” is really a Victor Products boat, so be sure of what you are buying. Also visit classifieds, as every once in a while a Soling 1 Meter comes up for sale.

Any photos of this boat you are asking about?

hi dick,thanks for the reply ,the boat is 35" long so it doesn’t fall into any of the soling classes i am going to take your advise and let it this time i have no pics of it .i guess i will stay with my vic and my graupner saphir,as far as what anyone sails in my area i am the only one.i live in yuma,az. and i haven’t found anyone around here yet.i’m going to run an ad in the local paper and see if i get anybody reply.thanks for your info. tom