JAYDEE`s Posts

How come all of JAYDEE`s posts have all been deleted? Did he get offended by something or somebody or what? I always enjoyed his knowledge and humor. Please come back!</font id=“size3”></font id=“blue”>

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

As i understand it JAYDEE deleted all of his posts in protest, of recent events.

[:-banghead]<font color=“orange”><font size=“3”>WOT RECENT EVENTS?</font id=“size3”></font id=“orange”>[:-captain]
I think I missed it, what ever it was.
<font color=“blue”><font size=“3”><font face=“Century Gothic”>BUGGER!</font id=“Century Gothic”></font id=“size3”></font id=“blue”>
I always enjoy a good scrap, (only if I am not involved.)[:-paperbag]
Sorry to hear he has spat the dummy must have been serious.[:-timebm]

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

JayDee if you’re reading this come on back!! I’m putting together some stuff to build a schooner and how am I gonna do it if you’re not there to show me the way??

It is sad that one must take these actions in protest.[:-cry] But I understand why you have done it. I just wish I had been faster and not working priour to you deleting the posts. I would have saved them for reference.

I hope that one day soon you will return and once agian help us “newbies” and the “veterens” with you knowledge.

John thanks for all your help in the past and you will be missed