J-classe Enterprise

1/20 scale ENTERPRISE 1930
With this tread I do intend to present the “build-log” for the construction of the RC model of the Enterprise winner on Shamrock in 1930.

Real: Model 1:20
Loa = 36.83 m Loa = 184.15 cm
Lwl = 24.38 m Lwl = 121.9 cm
Beam = 6.70 m Beam = 33.5 cm
Draft = 440 cm Draft = 22 cm + 5cm
Dspl = 127.6 T Dspl = 16 Kg

thanks to Claudio for plan


wilco santana

very pleased Wilco to see another Enterprise ! Wish you a lot of pleasure !

Very nice work!
I’ve always dreamed of making one of those, especially Enterprise because I think its the prettiest one.

How do you plan to make the keel? Will it be in removable sections for ease of launching? I’ve always wanted to figure a way to design the keel of one of these J boats in such a way that it will turn out faired to the class rule 2 inch extra depth and to the correct weight. You can’t just cast a huige block of lead and carve it to shape.


Marvellous! Please keep posting update photos as you go along.

update photos

Looks absolutely stunning. I assume from your last set of photos that you’ve planked using balsa. Do you intend to sheath the hull in glass & resin for the finished boat or will you be making a grp hull?

I’m currently working from Claudio’s drawings to build a 1/28th scale ‘Enterprise’. Progress has been quite slow but as far as I can tell, we’re at a similar stage.

Keep up the great work!!



Edit: During the build I decided to slightly increase the width/beam at the foot of the keel which will hopefully allow more of the ballast to sit lower in the hull for improved sailing performance. The changes have resulted in a slightly fuller leading edge to the keel in its lower sections - Claudio’s drawings showed that the leading edge of the keel maintained a fairly sharp ‘v’ profile. The change wasn’t because of any mathematical formulae, just experience of sailing & maintaining various full sized full/long keeled traditional yachts. When ‘Enterprise’ is finished if she sails like a dog then I’ll know that my ‘tweaks’ are to blame!!


I will definitely follow this thread! Keep up the good work!:zbeer:
The more photo’s, the better!



Any updates?