J boats

Well I made it to the local pond last weekend with a couple of J boats. They are a lot of work to get ready and transport, but they sure are nice on the water. Hopefully I will have all 4 out for the July 4th celebration.

Download Attachment: [ SHAMRIG1.JPG](http://www.rcsailing.net/forum1/data/Larry Ludwig/200461705940_SHAMRIG1.JPG)

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Man, those are serious model yachts![:-thumbu]
Larry they look magnificant and I am sure they look even better on the water.
<font color=“orange”><font size=“2”>Well done mate.</font id=“size2”></font id=“orange”>[:-tophat][:-tophat]

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

That’s just sick !! [:D] Veeeeeeeerrry nice !!! I guess you need a Hummer for that ?


what type of winch does these behemoths use? automotive power window motors?

wow…they are HUGE but look so great…you have some pics on the water??

Thanks for sharing


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Not Larry’s boats (I think), but here is the fleet at race week east last summer:


The Other Matt

if one day I get one of these…DIVORCE for sure [;)]

Matt, thanks for the pic


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _


True, but then again … you could almost live on one of those … [:D]

Hey they are not THAT bad… hauling them around is a bother when you have to move several… but one will fit in a full size Bronco. The mast is 10’which means depending on how you do your mast head you can just barely get it in and close the rear window. The hardest thing is if you want to sail one when no one else is around… that takes some planning. Since I am hoping to get to haul these (and many other classes as well) around with me all over the USA, I just got a trailer that I am customizing to carry the 4 J boats, 3 EC-12’s, 2 Santa Barbaras and a partridge in a… no make that a Soling M, Marblehead and 10R.

Hey Ed… you peeking in my shop? Yes RAINBOW does infact use a auto car window mech for a winch, but I have Graupners in 2 and I am putting a brand new RMG in the newest boat. How about this… where as ALL the other boats (except Rainbow)use seperate winches for main and jib…because of the loads. Rob from RMG tells me that the 380 HD will handle BOTH sails… heheheh now that is what we like MORE HORSEPOWER ! Way to go ROB ! We are getting pics done to set up the new website, so there will be some better pics coming soon.

That was a nice tag add-on about Mystic, they just had the first in the round robin tourney at Spring Lake last weekend (9 boats), and the old ACCR now Nats Champ will be at Mystic in 2 weeks. I would love to be there… maybe next year…but just not setup for it in time this year. South Texas to CT. is quite a haul. The good news is I am centrally located… the bad news is the nearest race is 1400 miles away! We will have a fleet here before long, as there are already 2 boats needed locally, and we have a total of 6 already. You can’t spell maJestic… without a J !

Here is a picture of Endeavor II on the water. They are a pain to move around, until you get them in the water… then it is just fun. I remember when I thought a 6’ mast was a big boat and how small it looked out on the water, people would not think about size until it was along side the dock… this is even worse! It really doesn’t look large at all (as long as there are no other boats nearby) This was the first time this boat was in the water and it went just fine.

Download Attachment: [ NDVSIL13.JPG](http://www.rcsailing.net/forum1/data/Larry Ludwig/200462224526_NDVSIL13.JPG)

wow,it sure makes an impressive wake

She is impressive. That picture brings back memories…

I had the privelidge of seeing the real Endeavor about 10 years ago.

We were sailing out of Marblehead Harbor on our way to the racecourse. I was up on the foredeck prepping the spinnaker sheets. When I was done, I turned around to head back to the cockpit and there she was about 1/4 mile behind us slightly on our windward hip and gaining fast. She was about 4 times bigger than our little 33 foot IOD so she was going about twice as fast. By the time I walked back to the cockpit, she was just about to roll us. None of the other crew members had noticed her yet. I calmly suggested that we break out the oxygen masks because our air was about to disappear. They looked at me in confusion. Then they noticed that I was staring off our hip and all turned to look. If I had had a camera with me, I woul dhave had a hard time deciding whether to take pictures of Endeavor or the looks on my crewmates faces…

As she rolled over us about 2 boatlengths (our boatlengths, not hers) to windward, I got an awesome view fo the boat. She was heeled, so I could inspect the working layout of the deck, All the crew members had numbers on the back of their polo shirts (looking much like a rugby team in royal blue) so that the skipper could direct them without remembering all their names ( don’t know hao many crew members there were, but it was 30 or 40 I think).

One of the crew members was walking along the “boardwalk boom” setting the sail shape. The boom was a triangular cross section about 6 or 8 feet wide along the top. Spaced every few feet were sail tracks running from side. The foot of the mainsail was attached to the boom with cars that slid from side to side on those tracks. There were adjustable endstops on the track so that the shape of the bottom of the sail could be adjusted by moving the endstops in or out.

The mast was about 8 feet fore/aft at the base by probably 5 or 6 feet wide. There were massive coils of halyard ropes and running rigging coiled onto racks on either side of the mast. The mast winches that were used to tension those lines seemed far too small for the task.

As she rolled us the boat was humming. It was a low two tone hum with a bit of a rumble to it. I’m not sure whether the sound was coming through the air or through the water (and resonating our hull) because the sound just seemed to fill the air. It was a fairly moderate day so there was little by the way of wave action on the water. Her bow just seemed to slice through the water with no resistance and the stern wake seemed to lap up the rear overhang as if the water did not want to leave her.

When the wind shadow hit our sails, our boat sat bolt upright and stayed there for what seemed like several minutes. Our sails were limp. The massive stern wake from endeavor pitched out little boat and with the lack of wind almost spun us around. But we did not care. We were still staring after her the way that children stare in awe of their first fireworks display.

It was a day that I will never forget…

  • Will

Will Gorgen

We’ll probably never see that in Texas… I don’t imagine they will ever make it down to the Gulf coast… but you never know! hehehe

I flew out of Boston Logan for years and would always look over at the boats sailing around in the harbor, some even close enough to wave to us.

It seemed we would always have some departure delay and a couple of the girls would come up to the cockpit to see how long we were going to be sitting there and we would all say how much we would rather be out there sailing… I was talking to guy in the terminal once about it and said how I wished I was out there sailing and he said “when we are out there sailing we wish we were flying your plane” so I guess it always is what you don’t have at the moment that looks so great.

My sailing buddy here in town was fortunate to have the resources to take both Endeavor and Shamrock out for an afternoon as the skipper and he provided me with a great many pictures and information on both boats. I put the brass on the deck of Endeavor, but I only did it because he wanted me to. I left Shamrock’s deck mostly clean… you have to put something on there to break up the plainess of it all or it looks like a Japanese aircraft carrier with a mast.

Received the plans of Ranger & Endeavour 2 from Rene Serrao, and rolled them out on the lounge floor, WHAT BIG BOATS!!!. I had not appreciated the size of them by hold out a 2.5 meter tape ruler.
I can see that I going get some good kicks out of building one. I think I go the authentic way and make it as close as possible to the original boat.
This project will have to wait a couple of months before I start it as the F100 CKTF needs to hit the water, plus we (my wife & I, boy we are lucky now the 3 boys are off our hands) are shifting to the Hawkes Bay, 5 1/2 - 6 hour drive south east of Auckland. That’s where I been working for the last 5 years, Air New Zealand sure will miss my weekly flights plus I miss the airpoints.

So, Do you like those plans? Are they pretty well detailed? Did you get both the hull plans and the riggig plans? I contacted Rene and he told me how much they were so I kinda choked on the price even tho I knew how big the plans were going to be.

I have been a commercial pilot for 25 years, and I have slept or eaten or sat in most airports around the world… I don’t miss them at all. I never made it to NZ, almost… but someone else beat me to it. Good luck with the move, that is worse than sitting in airports.[:-angel]

I have got copies of the lines for both Ranger & Endeavour 2, and only the deck & rig drawings for Ranger. Rene does not have deck & rig drawings for Endeavour 2.

I am chasing details thru The National Maritime Museum in London, they have about 46 drawings of Endeavour 2.

The size of the plans are 1:16 or 3/4" to 1 ft
and when rolled out they are about 2.8 meters long(9ft)

Plenty of details of the deck details.