J/24 Puddle Pirate Footy

Per suggestion, I have started to modify one of my Puddle Pirate Footy hulls.
It’s being converted into a J/24 class sailboat. A new transom has been put in place and the hull be shortened and a transom mounted rudder will be mounted,:slight_smile:

Deck has also been attached today, next will be to modify the deck.


Dilute my ignorance, please - whats a J24?

Lordy what a lot I don’t know, Whats a M505 as well?


J/24 link:

and I just updated my website:

M505 Class:
A new proposed class of small easily portable R/C sailboats, 505mm in length, with one mast and one sail similar to what the Laser uses.

it’s taking on a look.

One thing I always liked about the J-24 when crewing in races was the gently curving deck. It was visually pleasing & highly functional as well, in that it eliminated the clumsy stepping up & down from the coach house to the side decks. It was also good when doing foredeck work, gybing the spinnaker, etc. It didn’t leave alot of headroom below deck, but after all, that wasn’t the point. The owner sold the J-24 & bought a J-80, but I always liked the J-24 better.

just a little more done fairing the deck

Looking good! She’ll be a beaut!