Its been a long time...

Hey guys…

Its been a while since I visited this madhouse! grins Much it seems has transpired in my absence!

Who wants to give me a run-down? (Just kidding… I’ll figure it out over time.)

Anyhow, I thought I’d check back in, see who was still up and about around here and who was new.

Keep the wet side down!

Welcome back Barrett…get kicked out of school or something? :wink:

Most of us old farts are still around…nothing better to do than play with toy boats. Just finished our second Nationals today in Orlando…when Darrell gets results and pics posted you’ll see what’s going on in the US. I think you’ll be impressed with the latest generation of boats. I’m on Cobra5 and Razor4, Chris Steiger debuted Poolshark, and Butch Bragg had a team with his Shark…so there’s some talented designers who’ve come on the scene since you saw us last.

Hope to see you this summer…Bill

So, just out of curiosity, are the boards normally this quiet these days? Or is everyone rushing to finish their builds in time for spring?

As for getting kicked out Bill… nah, they’ve decided to keep me for now. :wink:

I am excited to see some of the new crop of boats, and hopefully get back into the boat-works myself… as always there are a couple ridiculous thoughts bouncing around my head…


When is the next New England regatta?