It’s nice to know that peoples generosity is still alive ~

Some of you will have heard that I will be conducting a series of talks starting in February through as many of the 34 clubs within the South West of England as I can, promoting Footy’s during 2009 & 2010.

The talks are typically an hour in length and cover Footy history to date, kits, plans, MacRig, and Footy Bottle Boats.

I will be giving these talks as a guest speaker showing examples of kits that are being generously given to me by three different manufacturers
(so I am not being seen to be showing any favouritism) Graham from ScaleSailing, Nigel from Heron Composites and David from MicroYachts.

During this festive season of giving I would like to report that I have received a generous donation. This has been given to me to hold on behalf of the Footy Association by someone who wishes to remain anonymous. It is a projector to assist with the Club talks which I can link to my laptop.

You will appreciate that this projector will certainly enhance the talks and make them a far more enjoyable experience for the audience.

I feel sure you will want to join me in thanking Graham, Nigel and David in advance for contributing their kits and to our anonymous benefactor for the generous gift to the Footy Association of a projector.

Season’s greetings to you all
UK Class Registrar

I wish you all the best with this Footy-fun-fever spreading.

I’m still trying to get my mates into it, but their all so busy. Oh well, their loss of fun…

My new jib-boom is nearly done. Once purdy’d-up, I’ll send out the kit.


Nigel - thank you
Seasons greetings

You are very welcome Andy. I wish you every success with what I am sure will be a fun filled experience. I always enjoyed club talks myself and have met some very interesting people through them. The K2 is on it’s way.