Is this forum still active?

Hi Guys…well after a long break from radio sailing I returned to the sport several years ago as there is now an active IOM fleet in my home town.
So in that time I have built an IOM and purchased one and now sailing within that fleet.
Of course the Footy bug has bit again and I would like to build and sail them again also.
Is this forum still active at all? I see some discussions on rc groups,some fairly active groups on Facebook and a French and German forum which both seem active.
I understand there have been problems with this site with logging in etc.There is a large body of history and prior work on this site.

this is a fact, this forum is dead !
in the past visitors reached over 800 entry, today is rare to go over 20…
Myself I also decided to stop, I just regret all efforts spent for project publishing.

True RCGroup very active !

yes it is a shame, this place was once a place of lots of knowledge and insight…

rc groups is picking up steam, and some discussino on amya facebook. but its not the same…