Is the new CF version made from epoxy or polyester resin? Or ?

This question was raised over at RC Groups forum as to the resin Kyosho is using to make their new and previous Carbon Fiber Editions. Thought I post the question here since we have a dedicated section for Seawinds.
I can call Kyosho to find out but thought someone here might know.:slight_smile:

I have twice asked Kyosho for more information about construction of the carbon version, especially the deck. The previous kit CE version had a rather weak fiberglass/resin deck which needed support under the mast step. They make some reference in the literature about this version having a molded deck but they have failed to provide any more information about it. As far as I am concerned the carbon versions are a waste of money with no benefits and some problems for more money.

Having a had a CF edition (my first Seawind) I agree, the CF is not worth the price difference from any functional bases. If someone Is in love with it’s appearance that’s understandable and if they have the money, more power to them. The older versions had hull issues, some deformities and/or thin spots and to me seemed very thin. I was always concerned that I’d crack the hull. Never did, but it made me nervous. I got it a very reduced price, so the price was not an issue. Sold it and got an ABS version instead. I have a 2nd Seawind kit still in the box waiting for me to complete a few other boats. Too many projects!!
Thanks for your comments.

Can you get a CF boat for review?
RE: seems pointless to speculate.
Plus, Kyosho would benefit if the boat has been improved.
As always, imho.

Kyosho have not offered me one at reduced price and I am not prepared to pay what they are asking. I am not convinced the product line needs this.

Hmmmmm, interesting. Kyosho’s “pennywise and pound foolish”. imho
Thanks Mike.

Maybe Kyosho is worried about a bad review…

Nothing sinister here guys! I have not been offered nor have I requested a carbon version for evaluation. I just am not interested in it. Too expensive with no added value unless you like a black hull so much.

Mike… et al,
I appreciate your update/information.
I’m surprised… that’s it.
One would think that Kyosho Corp has an opportunity.
They have selected not to pursue it, or might change their minds.
Enjoy sailing!