Is Olymic sailing online?

I hear that some of the current ACWS crews are fresh from the Olympic games. Is there any of the races available online? I’d like to see just how good Mr. Ainslie is!

Google him and then be prepared to spend some time reading his accomplishments. He ain’t a slouch by any means.

He is only one guy that was there. there are others in the current ACWS that were in the Olympics too. I’m interested in all the other people and watching the ragattas.

There were no multihulls at this Olympics so no one “fresh” out of that class - not until Rio before they appear again. Luc Peryon (SP ?? France) is probably the most experienced with the huge multis - all the other guys of major name recognition are mostly “one-hullers” and as noticed - even the best of them let things slip away. Ben (as example) made his mark (primarily) sailing Lasers - so how that translates into multis I’m not sure - other than the tactics which can be the same, yet different.

Probably have to do a search on each team’s members, then Google them .

FAICT, they were only sailing monohull boats like the Finn, Laser, and 470, at the Olympics, so those notable crews are fresh from those classes.

I doubt you will find any recent Olympic winners on any of the boats that would allow them to play a major role. Most are the “Old Guard” and some even were new to multi’s starting with the 45’s. Obviously Coutts, SPithill, etc. are veteran to the cup series, but my guess ( exception Ben) any other Olympic sialors may be on as support crew - or may be doing some tactics or navigation chores. I could be wrong - but keep in mind, excluding the “Round-the World” multis, the next largest boat is the “C” Class and those were only 3 or 4 so not much there. Other cat classes are beach cats which might give some experience - but if all you’ve sailed is a slow reacting monohull - a multihull that big, in SF Bay is no place to “learn” - Olympic winners or not.


I’m not interested in seeing who in the ACWS, or otherwise, is from the Olympics. I wanted to know if there are any recordings from the Olympics to watch online, because none of it was on TV.

you can look at:

POl;ease visit for all the important, live or current stuff.

So sorry TomoHawk,i read your post too fast and i was thinking you were searching for all the San francisco recordings.For the olympics i don’t know.