Is anyone still offering footy Kits?

I think I might like to build one over the winter for a friend that doesn’t have the building skills.

What kind of kit are you looking for? Partially assembled? Ready to sail? Vacuum Formed? Have you tried building any of Bill’s “air builds?” His builds are VERY approachable for even the most novice builder.


I’m not familiar with what air build is, but I think a vacuum-formed or fiberglass hull kit would be fine, as long as it includes the parts for the rig and the sails. I have too many unfinished scratch-built boats sitting around, and I don’t want to start any more.


I have this laying around… it is a victor V-12. but its a V-12 that was never mass produced. I visited George Dornis’ shop in CA many years ago. and it was a hull he was working on, and I talked him into popping a hull for me… I decided to make a claudio delta rig with it… boat sailed OK it is a true footy. IE not a double diagonal cheater (J/K) :slight_smile:

it would need two servos, and a rudder…
if I remember correctly the transom was immersed with the AA packs, and had our club stayed with the footy, I probably would have made a canoe stern and set the boat on a diagonal in the box. to get the extra inch or so needed…

380 grams as it sits, of that 240 g is the keel. blade is a glass heli rotor…sail is Orcon-D… very light…

if you want it shoot me a PM and we can talk…


Does anyone know if Blackstar Footy 12.5 boats are still available?
I filled in the form on Blackstaryachts pages to ask some more information, but haven’t got a reply so far.


here is one

I have an entry level Footy kit that is tailored to the youngsters but is a fine sailor for recreational use.
Parts fabricated ready for simple assembly in a couple of evenings.
Easy radio installation or can be free sailed with included vane.

Details here.
[Video]( here)from President of Tauranga Yacht club: