IONA 10-rater

Hi all,

like I mentioned about a week ago I’ve started building a copy of Graham Bantock’s newest 10-rater design IONA.

I’ve also started a website for those interested. It contains pictures of the building process and will have the plans once I’ve got the permission.

Feel free to contact me with comments or questions …

website :



the 10 rater should look very nice when done,kudos to the open 60. my hat’s off to you. not too many rc sailors can build and sail their included.(but at least i dont go around whinning about the cost;-)

Thx :slight_smile:

Well, it’s like they say … “It’s a hobby”

Great job!

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

just a few tips use packing tape on your forms so you can get the planks off it heaven forbid you need to with out destroying your forms. second clean of any excess glue as you go as its eiser to remove with hot soapy rags( if using pva) than it is to try and sand of after just a thought for next time just a thought from some one who didnt clean up gule as he went on a strip placnk sea kiack and i did use epoxy

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All you say is true, but I’m building a mould so there’s no need to get the planks off afterwards.

When the mould will be ready I will draw a carbon hull from it …

But thanks anyway … help is always appreciated…


from one builder to another.
you should protect your frames. i use saran wrap(cling wrap) to cover all the frames. this aviods drips, spills and any other mistakes,( that might happen) i am pretty good a palnking. and there are spot where my planks do match up perfect. the saran wrap protects the frames. and when it come to making the mold. i like to see what the inside of the hull looks like. i finsh the hull. including the transome. then i make the mold.
i wish you good luck. and if i can help. email me
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Hi all,

we’re about a month later now and I’ve pulled the first hull.

It weighs 316 grams / 11.14 oz. Seems very acceptable for a boat that’s 152 cm / 59.84 inch long … [8D]

Greetings from Belgium

Hi Wim,

I just read your post on the MSN rcsailing group. And my compliments for building such a nice boat. But I have one question, the internal structure is made of balsa? Is it not a better idea to use plywood (or another wood a bit stronger than balsa)? (just a thought)


Because of the directional carbon I only need the balsa as support for the deck until it’s cured (since I will not make a mould for the deck, I think). I havn’t decided yet where and how I will install the winch and servo. This will help me decide what path to follow (I hope [:-captain])

We’ll see how it turns out :slight_smile:


Download Attachment: IONA_MakingTheMould_101.JPG

Aaah! That explains a lot. Where do you usually sail in belgium?

Greets Folkert

Aangezien je van Nederland bent … voornamelijk in Gent (en omstreken)

Well guys, she took her “maiden voyage” this weekend … quite pleasing. She sails very well but there is still a bit of tuning to do …

I’ll keep you informed.


Download Attachment: iona.jpg

GREAT…and congratulations…looks VERY nice!


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