IOM World Champs - Website busy

Those of you who follow IOMs will be aware that the Worlds are underway at the moment.

I just checked the website and it’s not working. If you check the root ( you get a message to the effect that the daily bandwidth has been exceeded!

Frustrating though it may be to be unable to access the site - its great that there is so much interest that visitors have pushed bandwidth over the limit. No doubt they’ll have things fixed and running again soon.

BTW - analysis of the first two days racing shows how competitive and cut-throat the event is. The usual suspects were at the front after day 2 - but there are some very good names down the field just because of one or two bad races.

The full story, plus a link to day 3 results is posted on the IOMICA website.

Nick is on SAILING ANARCHY:devil1::devil1::devil1::devil1: again

Some pix and a link to the current results on

Boat pic is USA 112, taken last Sat 16th in 40 knots


Try this link for the one metre score sheets etc.


The web site returned to normal yesterday after some of the pictures had been off loaded to other servers.

Racing is on again today after a lay day yesterday.

The regatta is wide open at this stage with three former world champions Craig Smith (AUS), Martin Roberts (GBR) and Graham Bantock (GBR) together with Peter Stollery (GBR) and Paul Jones (AUS) within 13 points of the lead.

This regatta has had everything with gale force winds of 30+ knots on the opening day, moderate conditions on the second and third days to drifters on Tuesday morning before the breeze settled in to remain light throughout the day so the skippers have had to contend to date with the full range of conditions.

Graeme Turk