IOM/US one meter

well . . . as some of you know, I just finished hull number one of my IOM design “phi”

Well, this past weekend, I had the oprotunity to race in a local event that was restricted to US one meters. Needless to say, an IOM does not qualify, but with a little work, I got it to fit in to the class with a legal fin, and US one meter rig.

The wind blew like hell, and 13 races later. . . the boat came out on top! This was indeed expected though, with the conditions, MOST of the US one meters there were not prepared for the wind pressure.

Two or three of us locally, are trying to prove that an IOM, at 8.8 lbs, rigged as a US one meter can give the US one meter fits, even using the smaller US one meter A rig, and the heavier IOM displacement. Should be fun until the lulls of august hit!!! Then it will be time to pay the piper!


hello todd,
if an IOM hull can be configured to fit the us1m class rules, can a us1m hull,say a mistral be configured to fit the IOM hull? i.e. mistral hull with IOM appendages and rig/sails.

in my oppinion . . . .

You can modify an IOM to sail as a US one meter, but not the other way around. I believe that the mistral was designed to displace 7.0 to 7.25 lbs. in order to have a legal IOM, it must displace 8.8 lbs. This would put the mistral hull way too low in the water.

Make sense?

The only way this would work is if someone had a “US one meter” design that was designed to displace 8.8 lbs. . . and built out of fiberglass, not Carbon. . . but that would make it an IOM hull really.



you’re absolutely correct. USOM’s do not carry the same weight that IOM’s require. IOM’s must not exceed .060mm in their canoe body (hull draft). A local IOM sailor recently built a supposedly IOM from a USOM plan and found the hull did not measure.