IOM Triple Crown

I am planning to Build a Triple Crown… I have the plans from the MYA but I am trying to establish the Centre Of Gravity of the Ballast in relationship to the building stations. Has any one any details of this position?

I have recently built a Boxkite (Graham Bantock IOM) it is very over weight but sails quite well however it does a very good impresion of a Submarine when sailing down wind.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Good Sailing

John Kiff

there are alot of people out there that have built 3 crown. you should contact them. they could help you alot. i am surprised that the plans did not tell you what you needed to know. i have looked at them.

Kiff, Here is a link to the IOM site where everything you ever wanted to know about the triple crown design will be answered.
Good sailing.

When you say plans…do you have the full set? or just the ones downloaded from the MYA website?

It’s worth a few pounds to get the full plans, although they don’t have the COG on.

The ballast from most suppliers should be fine (?20 from PJ sails in the UK), just angle the fin forwards or backward until she floats on her lines, and cant the bulb up a few degrees.

If yours is anything like mine she’ll go like a rocket downwind while others are broaching either side of you :smiley:

I’ve also built a short keel (to our club rules not IOM) to combat the low water problem we have in the summer, and as long as you keep the weight in the same place (A3 Graph paper is handy for this one) and keep the surface area of the fin the same, you have great sailing in shallower ponds all year round