IOM The Predator

Hi there,

Does anyone have information about the new IOM design “The Predator”? Is it a good design? How does it sail in light wind or in heavy weather?

Bv thanks Folkert

Who is the designer?
I produced about 6 boats from a design called “Predator” a few years back.
Is this the boat you are refering to?

I don’t know the designer, but they sail with it in greece.
check this site:


A boat looking very similar to that hit the water at North Lakes here in Queensland Australia last year. The first time out by the new owner it was sailing in about 10-12 knots and it went like a bullet. The breeze kicked in to around 18 knots and the thing spent more time with the decks awash than it did above the water, at least off the breeze. To windward in that breeze it tracked really well, but didn’t seem to excellerate out of tacks all that good. On the day it sailed it was up against a TS2 and a Disco and they both were much better.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info, but what about the TS2 versus the Disco design, is there a great difference between those two?


Yep, the boat in Greece is one of mine.
Like I said I only built about 6 of em…not a bad design actually.

how many highlanders did you build?

approx 100.


that’s a lot. what was the best performance?win any regattas? just curious cause i have one (used)