IOM sails??

IOM sails…what are the tendencies?

Mylar, Trispi, aso??

or is it depending on the conditions?


Are you thinking of making your own?

not directly…just wanted to know what people actually use

When building the jib, can you use a thin piece of plastic pipe over the fore stay wire so when you tape it to the sail cloth it stays straight.

Class rules restrict the resulting diameter to 1 mm (F.5.2(b)(2)).

not much…so I checked pics from the Worlds…seems its Mylar…will follow then

how is the new IOM going?
I have sailed against Nick and his Ares several times. You have made a great choice. The Ares is a very under rated IOM. Its very fast in all conditions her in South East Queensland. If you want to know about IOM sails, most are made from Mylar film .050 microns thick. Imperial measurement around 2 thousandths of an inch.

Well, I have sailed the Ares twice! as for now!
First time one battery pack, second time, 3 battery packs…

The boat sails great! Very easy and “cool”, a bit nervous on the rudder down-wind, but overall I am more than satisfied! Can’t wait to sail her against other IOM here in Japan, now I am trying to registering my boat, and if all goes ok, this December I should have my first race…

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Thanks for the tip…I am actually looking for new sails, as my jib got some “troubles”…a panel went on a trip, I fixed it as much as I could…but, hey, I like to have the latest “gizmo” on my boats anyway…so now it’s thinking time…what sails should I get? As you can see, my life is very hard