IOM sail servos

I am wanting to try an arm winch on my new IOM,
What is everyone using and why? pros and cons?


Hi Brett

You may know these already … (smile)

As you may have seen from another forum, opinion on the Hitec 5995 is divided, while the 5745 gets broad support. It isn’t well water-proofed, so be sure to put plenty of vaseline or silicone up the entry point of lead into case…

I’m using the Hitec 5745.

Thanks lester and Muzza.
Muzza did you buy yours in NZ? or elsewhere?
Lester…Cam or straight arm? what do you think?

I assume this is the beast here
Do i need a programmer? what the story with that?


Hi Brett

The cam I show on my site is in addition to the arm, in order to give it a little help when sheeting in while overpowered. Some sailors find they need this. Perhaps you mean the off-centre super-large diameter one-turn drum of SAILSetc; I’ve seen it in action and it works just fine. What you do not get from it, however, is the very fine control of close-hauled sheeting like you do with an arm.

Do i need a programmer?

You don’t need a programmer… but if you could arrange to share one with a couple of buddies then that’s a good move. The programmer allows you to set the winch up just how you like it – a little extra rotation, for example, slightly wider dead-band, and so on. But having set it up, you’ll not need to program again…


Yes it was the Sails etc large cam/wheel type I was asking after.
Do I need to access a programmer to set the servo up the first time? or does it come ready to go for our application?
Sorry for the questions…I am new to digital servos etc.

Hi Brett

The servo plugs in to the Rx and works fine out the box, so no programmer needed. If you buy it from a savvy dealer, they should be able to send it to you with the little tweaks programmed in (Ken Binks (GBR) does this, for example), but the tweaks are not necessary

Hi Brett

I bought mine from the US via the internet from NZ - it was my Christmas present last year. My servo is mounted forward of the mast, and I’m thinking of putting in the same setup as used by Soren Andresen (see Anders Wallin’s website). Quite keen to keep the weight as close to the centreline as possible, as the battery pack is on the centre line aft of the keelbox.

Maybe this Christmas I’ll shout myself the programmer too.

I’m back in New Zealand later this month for a few weeks. If you want me to bring one back, you can buy via the net, get it shipped to my office here, and I’ll put it in the suitcase, and mail it to the Mainland once I’m back in Auckland. I leave here on October 18, so just let me know by PM or email.

Thanks Muzza,sent you a PM.


The specs published at Servo City indicate that the 5745 is the same size and weight as the Hitec 815. While the 815 has been a reliable performer on our Soling 1m’s, it’s pretty hefty. Is the published spec correct? If so, what is the advantage of the 5745 over the less-expensive 815?

thx…Bill H

Hi Lester,

COuld you explain what these tweaks are?

They are the settings the programmer allows you to change, the most important being full-in to full-out travel, which you can increase a little over the out-of-the-box setting. You can also reduce deadband width, and some other things I don’t bother with like speed (its on max anyway).

5745 is a digital servo, so you can program end points and few more things, as Lester wrote.
The main advantage is its speed, and its ability to stay in position even in big gusts.

And it’s not so expensive, I got mine for around 50 Euros on Ebay.