IOM Sail Rigs

[8D]Greetings all! I’m fairly new to sailboats and have an Aquacraft Paradise which apparently isn’t raced ANYWHERE. SO I am looking at the IOM class and from what I can understand there are 3 different sized rigs which are race legal. Is there one that is more desirable than another? Do I need all 3? Am I missing something? Am I asking too many questions?

-The Mayor


With regards to the sail plans, the wind conditions you sail in will be the biggest determining factor. If you are sailing in 0 to 12 mph winds the A rig will be best. 12 to say 24 mph the B rig, and 25 + C rig. The ranges vary depending on what IOM design you buy, and how you sail.

I see you are from IL. what city do you live in? I live in Urbana. As far as I know there are 2 or 3 IOMs in the Chicago are. If you are looking to race a lot, a USOM might be a better choice, because they are more numerous in this area of the county than IOMs.

Happy Sailing

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