IOM sail patterns

does anybody out there know there i can down load a set of IOM sail numbers… I want to make a patterns for some club members that are interested in making sails… For the past few days i have been looking but all i can find is thoery… all i need is x,y and f pannels for a main. and 3 pannels for a jib…

anybody got an idea… i have ben to Lesters site as well as the amya…the new version of sail cut . is a real pain


for the sail numbers just make them up in excel or word and then scale and trace…

but for the actual panels, thats an entirely different ball game…

do you have access to a CAD program or if you are real good with any type of drawing software you can draw them up…

shoot me an email I do have some drawn up but have not made any yet for my budding IOM…

mjs82 at

Here is a template for sail numbers. Just update to required numbers and print default full size. Contains letter for USA and CAN plus numbers.


thanks… but i was talking about the sail patterns. how long the foot… how long the luff… ect

This link should be what you want


Here are data for a mainsail, 6.5% camber at foot and 10% at head. All in mm.
Read as follows

  1. x/y pairs for the 4 panels come first (with diagonals if you want to check marking out). You need to add the seam width to the top of each panel though!
  2. Then broadseam data for use with Claudio gadget. Top line is distance from pt of max broadseam , next is number of 50 micron shims to use. (if you use a sailboard I can give you camber for the other seams)
  3. Last is luff curve needed at each seam.

Is this what you wanted? If so I can add how to measure & assemble everything.

that is perfect… it gets people a start… we are going to be using a sail block. i am not 100% sure how to use claudio tools… I think the draft point is going to be at 40%

thanks alot

Cambers at foot & seams (bottom to top) should wind up at 6.5%, 7.9, 9.4, 10.1%. The broadseam at the bottom seam is so small you might consider just leaving this seam out.
I’d be interested to know how it works out for you.