IOM Sail Dimensions

Looking for location (link) for IOM sail area dimensions!

there you go (pdf file):


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Thanks Wis -

but unfortunately, there is a disclaimer that they are not the “class rules” which is what I am seeking. For some strange reason, unless I am blind, it seems the IOMICA has found a need to not post direct links. Have tried “technical” - “measurements” - and “sail dimensions” catergories/links on their web page, but to no avail and still have not found a specific size layout drawing or reference sheet of dimensions (except for Anders’) that does not include some kind of exception note.

If Anders’ posted PDF does indeed reflect the legal IOM sail dimensions, could someone perhaps remove the disclaimer - or else post a set of “legal” dimensions? … or clarify if the dimensions are indeed legal ?



Sorry for that, but as I am not really into IOM’s…couldnt find better, wondering.

I am sure the pros from the IOM scene will give you some links


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Thanks Hoj -

thought the international class association would have had that info or a link on their web pages … guess not. Anyway Nick from “down under” also provided same link on WindPower site, and was what I was hunting for.

Appreciate your response.

Just curious, are you considering building an IOM? Watch out, it’s a slippery slope [:D][:D]

Well - there is a Detroit regatta on the horizon, and am weighing the build of a mainstream IOM. Also giving thought to see how a Climate Boat IOM does in side-by-side competition with the “expensive spread” [:D]

Perhaps may discuss a demo charter opportunity for the event.

Not sure, but definitely not a preferred “playground” for long-term campaigns!