IOM plans ???


Is there some where I could down load plans for a IOM.
Also anyone know if there is a constrution manual for the IOM simular to the US1M?
I founds a site (Vanquish IOM) but the files are dxf and I cannot seem to get them to open no matter what I tried.

Medicine Hat

(don’t you just love all the questions I have LOL)

greg and i disagree on most thing. he is right on line with this. triple crwon is a realy fine boat, and there are alot of them being built in the uk. i could almost see them becoming a class like the seawind.
jeff it is a good boat.

Thanks Greg and Cougar

HAve dl the plans ,now If I can make sence of them I’ll be ok.
Not as detailed as the US1M plans (Advanve MK1 ) {no seperate shadow form patterns)


Check These guys sure know how to build a wooden triple crown hull.

Try sending bgrcyachting a PM. He is probably the best designer, builder of IOM’s in Australia. His boats did extremely well at the last worlds. There were several of his boats among the top ten. I think that this means it wasn’t just the skippers that were good.

Here’s another guy who has built the Triple crown.
Have built a IOM Kite myself as my first IOM.
Maiden trip will be performed next week.