IOM Noux 2 shadows

I am planing to start building a Noux 2(IOM version) . Does anyone has the shadows (bulkheads, would say an aeromodeler!!) from Andreswallin site I got the main info, but the shadows comes as IGE file.

Does anyone have them in PDF???

Thanks in advance.

Tato Lazo.

Look around a bit on the Noux 2 shadows page on that site. Down in the bottom area where people have added comments and Andres has answered their questions, he says that the only difference between the Noux and the Noux 2 is the deck. He says the hull is the same.

And of course we know that there are PDF shadows on the site for the Noux and there are several that allow for various hull planking thicknesses. You should be all set for making a hull - just not a Noux 2 deck.