IOM Fin Suppliers


I am looking for a fin for my IOM, does anyone have any feedback on commercially available fins or is anyone able to make any recommendations?

Many Thanks,

Tim. C


I hope this helps.

Mike Eldred in San Diego did carbon work for a number of AC syndicates and makes a really good IOM fin. You could also try the TS2 foils from Australia that are also used on the Disco.

Hi Roy,

How do I get in touch with Mike Eldred? BTW TS2 foils are not in stock and I was told that there is no inication as to when they will be.

I have seen the Orco foils (actually the only ones I could find!) -can anyone vouch for them?


Tim. C

Mike’s cell phone is 619-807-9835.

I have an orco usom rudder on the way from GBMY. I will post some pics of it when it gets here.

try carbon fiber rc helicopter main rotors, 60 mm wide,660mm long,symetrical foils